Herb dryer

  • £50.00

Herb Dryer

Herb Dryer brings a simplicity to the herb drying process. It is a multi-rack dryer with internal odour control and optimal airflow for drying herbs.

    • Optimal Drying Airflow.
    • Quiet and reliable fan.
    • Internal Carbon Filter.
    • Multi Rack Drying
    • Odour Controlled

Simply plug in your herb dryer and leave it to dry herbs perfectly.

Note: Please ensure when assembling your Herbdryer that the fan is positioned with the sticker facing upwards in order to draw odorous air through the carbon filter for odour removal.

Sizes Available:

Regular – 4 Tiers, 30cm Diameter, 40cm Height.
XL – 5 Tiers, 60cm Diameter, 60cm Height.

(Replacement Carbon Filters available for both Regular and XL Herb Dryers)

Regular Filter Size: 120x120x25mm
XL Filter Size: 120x120x50mm