Let’s face it, neither conventional fertilizers NOR organic fertilizers contain everything a crop might require. We at CX Horticulture don’t take a stand one way or the other as to which is the better method. We are simply interested only in what works the best! The old theory that a crop only needs sixteen elements has been consigned to the scrapheap where it belongs. Here at CX Horticulture, we are right at the cutting edge of a new system of crop nutrition which is aptly named Fusion Nutrition. Put simply, we have taken the best on offer from conventional crop production systems and combined them with best practice organic horticulture. The result is the delivery of a nutrition system that is without doubt the most powerful crop production system in the world today.

At CX Horticulture, our total focus is to give you the tools with which you can grow the best possible crop. We concentrate entirely on delivering bigger yields and better quality with less effort. We stand behind our products and GUARANTEE they will all meet your highest expectations. We are constantly making incremental improvements to our system as new discoveries in crop production are delivered by the research institutions. That’s why CX Horticulture is a world leader in controlled environment crop production.

We employ both Agronomists and chemists and we are the only specialist hydroponic product manufacturer to do so. Our Agronomists liase with our chemists and give them the parameters to work with in terms of the best possible crop nutrition. And this is not just guesswork. This is the result of years of experience and replicated trial work in a multitude of environments. The ability of our Agronomic team to conduct specialist trial work is matched by no one except perhaps some universities and some provincial Agriculture Departments. However, the sheer breadth of experience of our team is not matched by anyone.

This combination has led to the evolution of our Fusion Nutrition technology approach. You, the grower, get the benefits of both worlds. Our chemists take the highest quality chemicals and organic amendments and craft a very special growing system. One that meets all the plant’s requirements as well as creating an environment in which beneficial living organisms can thrive. We also pay very close attention to micro nutrients. This area, once taken for granted, is now a subject of intense scientific study.

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