Air movement, namely air supply and exhaust, is one of the most important aspects of any hydroponics installation which is often overlooked. Correctly ventilating your growing area is a vital part of greenhouse or grow room design.

Adequate ventilation in the grow room is important for a number of reasons – temperature, humidity, disease and odour control, and fresh/stale air exchange. Fresh air supply increases the amount of CO2 which is needed for all plants to survive. CO2 makes up approximately 50% of the dry weight of the plant, and oxygen makes up the rest 42%. The plants in any hydroponically grown crop will absorb the available CO2 in a very short amount of time. Therefore, it is very important to supply fresh air to the plants to keep the CO2 level from becoming too low and diminishing the crop yield. Low levels of CO2 means slow growth and small yields. As well as increasing CO2 nourishment level, the continuous supply and exhaust of air significantly reduces the chances of any disease to develop within a given greenhouse.

Diseases usually thrive and develop within environments where the air is still and humid. A humid, still environment allows disease to enter the plants through the build up of moisture on the leaves due to poor airflow and a lack of fresh air. If this is not controlled properly, the plants are likely to fail.

Note! However, this problem can be eliminated with the regulation of humidity levels using VENTS humidity sensors and temperature regulators which work in conjunction with all VENTS fans. Besides exhaust and supply of air within any greenhouse, good air circulation throughout the growing area is extremely important to minimize the potential damage caused by insects. One way to minimize insect damage is to install fixed or oscillating air circulation fan. This fan provides a continuous stream of air over the growing area making it difficult for insects to settle and damage the plants. In summary, an efficient hydroponics air movement system will provide vital plant CO2 nourishment, develop a strong healthy root system which enables the efficient supply of water and nutrients and minimize the damage caused by disease and insects. HYDROPONICS VENTILATION BASICS Plants require CO2 to grow healthy Regular air circulation provides constant grow Still and humid air puts plants to death... Negative impact due to lack of CO2 2 Setting up your greenhouse So, you have decided to deal with indoor gardening. Before you start we would like to tell you some basic rules you have to be aware of. As soon as you selected where you are going to set up your indoor garden it’s time to spec out exactly what you will need to make it all happen. The design, selection and installation of any hydroponics ventilation system is therefore the top priority to ensure the healthiest and highest quality crop yields.