Welcome! It’s so good to see you :)We are Jurassic Hydroponics, the new kid on the block ... actually the only hydroponics store along this beautiful stretch of Jurassic coast in the south west, we’d love you to come and visit, take a look for yourself, whether you’re new to this or an

old hand, we can fulfil all your wishes, and if we don’t have it listed just shout and we will jump through hoops to get it to you, because we’re nice like that ;)

You can call the shop any time between 9am and 4pm Mon to Fri, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  we will happily help and take your orders over the phone. Make sure to have a good wander through our website, we have some great equipment ready to house your future Sunday lunch and special potions to keep those blooms fed, looking their best and making your neighbours green with envy...
We can also deliver to you in your home, office or greenhouse.

Aren’t you glad you’ve finally found us?!

Happy growing :)

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