Orchids have very specific nutritional requirements and, although it is true that they can survive on very low levels of nutrition, they will only reach their full magnificence if properly fed. Just ask a professional grower or a consistent winner at orchid shows.

Orchids should not be fed with general purpose plant ‘foods’ for many reasons. Most importantly the nitrogen supply in the mass market product will usually contain significant levels of ammonia and urea. Urea in particular can become toxic very quickly in orchid growing media and is best avoided for that reason. Orchid Focus is completely free of urea.

  • Orchid Focus is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts. It is fortified and enhanced with a complex profile of organic plant acids.
  • It is precisely formulated for the needs of orchids – contains no urea.
  • It is non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards.
  • Orchid Focus is an ideal feeding programme for orchids. It can help produce healthier, more vigorous plants and brighter, longer lasting flowers.
  • Growth Technology’s orchid nutrient is available as an Orchid Focus Grow and Orchid Focus Bloom variety to supply orchids with the optimum nutritional elements. Click on our instructions to view a feeding schedule of both products.

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