Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS Lamps

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS Lamps

  • £54.99

Sunmaster lamps are dual spectrum bulbs that are suitable for use throughout the vegetative and bloom phases. During the growing cycle, many growers use a metal halide lamp which burns at “cooler” temperature. This doesn’t mean it isn’t as hot, but that it is more blue than an HPS lamp. When plants are in bloom, the grower switches to HPS which are “warmer”, being more red. While there are advantages to using separate lamps, sometimes only a dual spectrum will do!


Some folks really can struggle with changing lamps, particularly if the reflector is over the top of many plants. Reaching over the plants risks damage and if you have many reflectors… it’s just easier to use duals! Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamps are fully compatible with all ballast and E40 reflectors. There is plenty of evidence that dual spectrum bulbs assist the plant in making higher levels of chlorophyll. This will help plants stay greener throughout the plants life, even towards the end when bleaching can occur. They also promote a larger leaf surface area while helping to keep the plant a compact shape. The plant receives more usable colours of light which helps improve the overall performance. You will get more branches, internodes and a higher number of flowering sites.

Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamps are a very popular choice in the growing community. They have a great reputation for reliably giving growers a great quality light that in turn helps produce a great yield. They are available for purchase in 150w, 250w, 400w, 600w and 1000w sizes. They are compatible with both magnetic and digital ballasts and although you can dim them, we always suggest using the right lamp for the wattage. This can help maximise output and preserve lamp life. You can also use a super lumen switch with them, but it will degrade them quicker.