Smart Co2 Bags

  • £17.00

Smart Co2 is the smallest and by far the most effective on the market

  • improves taste, color and crops
  • completely safe to use
  • easy to setup, no maintenance required


Why use the Smart CO2 Bag?

The Smart CO2 Bag is very small and easily affordable bag producing carbon dioxide for your plants. It can multiply the growing speed of your plants and make fruits ripen faster improving taste, color and crops.

The Smart CO2 Bag is safe to use, easy to setup without any maintenance required. It is the smallest and by far the most effective solution available on the market.

What is carbon dioxide?

Being like the oxygen to us humans, carbon dioxide is one of the most important components of growing up plants. All plants need carbon dioxide to grow. If a plant cannot get enough carbon dioxide from the air, it will grow slower. The Smart CO2 Bag is a powerful and easy way to add more carbon dioxide to your green room without overspending.

How To Use the Smart CO2 Bag

When and where to use it?

Get a Smart CO2 Bag 2-3 weeks after planting your seeds. Make 6 holes in top of the bag and hang it above your plants. In large green rooms, hang the bag over the aisles. The Smart CO2 Bag only produces carbon dioxide in temperatures above 18 ºC (64 ºF). Store the closed bag in a dry and cool place under 18 ºC (64 ºF).

How long does it last?

When the Smart CO2 Bag comes into contact with oxygen, it will start producing carbon dioxide. However it can take a few days before production starts. 

How to maximize the benefits?

With the extra carbon dioxide, your plants can withstand temperatures that are 3-5 ºC (5-9 ºF) higher than usual.


1350 – 1500 PPM!!!

(IN 2.5 X 2.5M AREA)