Small Wide Wilma (10 x 6 Ltr pots)

Small Wide Wilma (10 x 6 Ltr pots)

  • £119.99

The Wilma wide 10 small pots full 6L drip  hydoponic system is simple, flexible and offers higher returns. Designed to be placed near the floor, it will give more space for plants. The entire system measures 120cm x 60cm x 20cm. It is therefore ideal for gardeners who work in a small space or small tent.

Wilma system feeds the plants sparingly but continuously. The plants then receive more nutrients than if they were watered from time to time by hand. Thus, they are not waterlogged and the roots are starved of oxygen. Neither over- nor under-nourished, your harvest will give optimal growth in plants and better results.
With the use of clay balls, frequent watering is ideal. This allows a culture hydroponics system giving the gardener giving full control. The clay balls also allow better penetration of the air around the roots and therefore more oxygen (resulting in larger yields).

The pots are easily mobile Wilma making it an incredibly flexible system

: you can easily reposition the plants for a given uniform growth.

There is also :
- a handy inspection hatch on the top shelf for regular check levels of nutrient and rhizosphere
- a drain valve of the tank points and insert the drip lines (so no need to create holes yourself).


Wilma small wide 10 full pot (6L) Number of pots Container Size Recommended size of the culture chamber Dimensions Tank Size Pump
Characteristics 10 6L 1.5mx 1.5m 120cm x 60cm x 20cm 85L Wilma pump (MJ1000)