Secret JardinTN0led 2 x 40w Growing

Secret JardinTN0led 2 x 40w Growing

  • £85.00

Secret Jardin TNOLED Kit | Grow | 80W

Complete LED lighting kit for medium-intensity light requirements.

PPE: 2,0 µmol/s/w

PPF: 160 µmol/s

Dimensions: 120 x 40 cm

It is available in two different colours (Grow & Bloom), and two different sizes/ powers (60x40 & 120x40 cm cultivation areas). The TNoled has replaced fluorescent technology (TNeon, T5, TCL, CFL, etc.) with Cosmorrow LEDs which are:

low power consumption

optimised spectral effects


durable (30.000 hours)


better plant coverage


2x 40W TNoled Growing

1x Driver

1x Frame

1x Hanging aids