Secret Jardin Cosmorrow Blooming Lights

  • £165.00

The Secret Jardin Cosmorrow 100W BLOOMING Kit also called Full Spectrum Light is a compact, robust and waterproof 24 volt LED lamp designed mainly for the flowering phase. The LED lamp emits a warm white light and has 4 different light colours, line 1 - 2700 K, line 2 - 4000 K, line 3 - 6500 K, line 4 - 660 nm (deep red). In addition, the Cosmorrow Bloom LED has a blue peak at 440nm and is therefore also suitable for propagating cuttings and for the growth phase. Thanks to the optimally coordinated colour spectrum, your plants will be well cared for right from the start.

The Cosmorrow LED lamp is flexible and can be used as additional lighting to brighten up every corner of your grow box. The Cosmorrow LED can also be used as the main lighting for smaller grow tents. There are no limits to the installation, you can screw, clamp or hang the Cosmorrow LED either horizontally or vertically to save space. The manufacturer recommends a distance of 15 to 35 cm to the plants.