Plagron Top Grow Box

Plagron Top Grow Box

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Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL.

The Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL is the ideal kit if the aroma, flavor and quality are important to you. Organic base fertilizer Alga Grow Alga Bloom and stimulate the growth and flowering of the plant and improve soil structure. All products 100% NATURAL Plagron possible to get the best taste and most exquisite aroma.

The contents of a Top Grow Box alone is enough to get a square meter of plants. Everything needed to grow 1 m 2 plant Opts for the Top Grow Box 100% NATURAL or the Top Grow Box 100% TERRA

Each Top Grow Box contains the unique booster Green Sensation Beaker and lighter Plagron included This Plagron Pack, developed for land under cultivation on an organic basis, consists of:

Plagron Alga Grow (100ml) to obtain the desired literally at the root development, growth Plagron Alga contains a multitude of growth promoters additives enable the treated plants to develop optimally within an accelerated time frame. Plagron Alga Growth is a NPP and organic liquid fertilizer, the plant can directly absorb. Plagron Alga Growth contains a profusion of nitrogen (4%), phosphor (6%), potash (8%), amino acids, trace elements and minerals that promote exuberant growth and root development , their resistance to stress and stimulates the natural formation of chlorophyll.

Plagron Vita race (100ml): Plagron Vita Race contains natural hormones for growth and for flowering and thus has a stimulating effect throughout the cycle.

Plagron Power Roots (100ml): stimulator biological roots that ensures faster and more abundant root development, better absorption of nutrients, more efficient use of fertilizers and present better returns for all tested plants.

Plagron Alga Bloom (1L) was developed especially for the flowering phase. It is a liquid organic nutrient for growing in soil. It contains a balanced and accurate set of phosphates and potash that the plant can directly absorb so naturally optimize flowering. Phosphorus Plagron Alga bloom promotes improved root development and an abundance of flowers. Plagron Alga bloom gives your plants that important boost needed to initiate the final flowering of thrust.

Plagron Green Sensation (100ml) is a bloom stimulator (booster) for the last weeks before harvest. With Plagron Green Sensation is no longer necessary to use other nutrients (PK 13-14, enzymes ...). Plagron Green Sensation provides a rich and abundant flowering, it directly promotes the production of sugars and results in a cellular structure less sensitive to stress. Combined with good fertilizer and good lighting sodium you will get an abundant harvest and quality !!!

This box contains:

Alga Grow 100 ml

Alga Bloom 1 l

Power Roots: 100 ml

Vita Race: 100 ml

Green Sensation 100 ml