Odour Neutralising Agents

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ONA Odour Neutralising Agent

ONA is Organic

Organic LogoONA odour neutralising agent is a series of complex formulas, using essential oil (organic) technology, that are designed to simplify your odour control management. They attack, neutralise and destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours.
It can be applied to solids liquids or dispersed through the air – in small or large volumes. You can tackle any odour problem with ONA.
ONA products are non-toxic and environmentally safe – reducing work safety concerns and allowing for aggressive odour management programs.

ONA is Powerful

ONA odour neutralising agent is an industrial strength odour neutraliser available at consumer level. All the power you need to eliminate virtually any type of odour. If you have an odour problem; of virtually any type, use ONA and it will be effectively eliminated.

Applications for ONA

ONA Odour Neutralising agent has been destroying odours effectively for many years and is used in hydroponics and commercial applications worldwide. It was originally developed for use in industrial applications to neutralise strong odours in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. It uses three processes: absorption, adsorption and the “Pairs” Theory to virtually cancel out most organic and non-organic odours.

ONA’s powerful odour neutralising capability makes it ideal for most commercial applications. Regardless of the source, it will get the job done. It is ideal for:

  • hotel/motel rooms – Breeze, Gel
  • sports locker rooms – Blocks, Mist and Mist Dispenser
  • garbage areas – Gel
  • confined areas – Gel
  • indoor gardens & greenhouses – Gel, Breeze
  • compost areas – Liquid
  • heating vents and ducts – Blocks, Gel
  • jobsite odours – Gel
  • mildew odours – Liquid, Gel
  • smoke odours – Gel, Mist
  • food odours – Gel, Mist, Breeze
  • food storage areas
  • old cellars – Gel, Breeze
  • meat and fruit drying areas