Nutriculture IWS DWC hydroponic system with a remixing timer.

  • £490.00

A great value DWC hydroponic system with a remixing timer.

The control unit fills every pot to 4.5cm below the pebbles; the ideal level for optimum root growth. An air-pump regulates air-flow to each pot and the air stones in each pot constantly oxygenate the solution.

The ‘remix’ timer on the control unit sends the solution back to the water butt where it mixes with the remaining solution, cooling it down before pumping it back to the pots.


This remix also means EC and pH can be centrally adjusted. We recommend setting the timer to remix between 1 and 3x per day.

The grower does not have to set a timer for feeds, the plants take-up whatever they need from the constantly available nutrient solution.



  • 10 Litre outer pots

  • Choice of 3 inner pot types for

    pebbles, 60/40 or coco & soil

  • Drippers

  • Drainage stands

  • Root control discs

  • Minute feeding timer

  • All fittings and pipes

  • Water butt with MJ3000 fill pump

  • Brain control unit with drain pump