Milwaukee pH600 pH Tester

Milwaukee pH600 pH Tester

  • £24.95

Digital measuring devices ensure accurate and reliable measurements. The Milwaukee PH600 tester is a measuring device specially developed for determining the pH values in aquariums and aquacultures - perfect to ensure that the pH values are kept within the limits required for the inhabitants to lead healthy and happy lives.

The tester is equipped with a user-friendly, digital LCD display. A trimmer located on the back of the test device can be used to carry out a simple one-point calibration. The pH sensor is protected by a practical cap which keeps it moist when stored upright.

The tester consumes very little energy guaranteeing a long battery life. Three 1.5 V batteries are included in the delivery.

How to measure:

Insert the probe into the sample, stir gently and wait for the reading to stabilise.

Instructions for care:

With regular care and proper maintenance, the tester pen will last a long time and continue to deliver reliable and accurate results.

 Tips for proper maintenance:

  • Always store the pH tester with the cap filled with Buffer or Storage Solution MA9015. Never store it in water.
  • Clean the device regularly. Soak it in MA9016 Cleaning Solution!
  • After you have cleaned and/or stored the tester, calibrate it to compensate for any changes in the pH sensor.
  • Gently stir the tester in the sample for faster results.