Milwaukee Mc811 PH/Ec/Temp Monitor

Milwaukee Mc811 PH/Ec/Temp Monitor

  • £199.00

The MC811 MAX Monitor automatically monitors and displays pH/EC/Temp levels.  Just calibrate the parameters and let the Milwaukee MAX Monitor do the rest.

The Milwaukee MC811 MAX pH/EC/Temp Monitor is preferred by people looking to know 24/7 what their pH and nutrient levels are on an ongoing basis. Common uses are nutrient tanks, Hydroponics and aquariums.

The Milwaukee MAX pH/EC/Temp Monitor offers:


The Milwaukee MAX Monitor offers an accuracy to ± 0.2 pH with two point manual calibration, EC accuracy of ±2% Full Scale and ±0.5 °F (0.3 °C) temperature accuracy.


Just calibrate the parameters and begin to monitor 24/7!


The MC811 MAX pH/EC/Temp Monitor comes with a complete mounting kit including a probe holder.


  • Fast easy to read current results with 3 large digital BACKLIT LCD readouts.
  • Accurate to ±0.2 pH (0.0 pH to 12.0 pH).
  • Accurate  ±2% Full Scale EC. 
  • External Switch atop the unit converts EC conductivity to EC using 0.5 or 0.7 conversion factor.
  • Simple two-point pH calibration and one point EC, for increased accuracy with manual trimmers for easy adjustment.
  • Gel-filled, double junction MA911B/2 (included) lab grade pH electrode for low maintenance and high performance.
  • 6.5 feet probe cables for extra flexibility when testing.
  • 12 VDC power supply.