Micro-Drip-Irrigation Terrace Set (30 plants)

  • £74.99

Starter set for reliable drip irrigation of up to 30 patio plants

The Micro-Drip-Irrigation Terrace Set from GARDENA is suitable for up to 30 plants and can be used immediately. The Ready-2-Use set contains everything you need for water-saving drip irrigation of individual potted plants on the patio with different water demands or plants in plant troughs and tubs. Setting up the Micro-Drip-System is easy: simply connect it to the tap, lay out the pipes and place the drip heads next to the plants. Everything is clearly explained to you in just a few steps. The MDS components of the set are reusable and therefore sustainable. Discover the patented Quick & Easy connection technique for the 13 mm components and the unique Easy & Flexible connection technique for the 4.6 mm components. You can connect them easily, expand them flexibly and detach them again. The starting module of the Micro-Drip-System is the Master Unit 1000, which regulates the water pressure from the pipe to about 1.5 bar and feeds it evenly into the connected pipes. In addition, thanks to the various drip heads in the set, you have the possibility to individually adjust the water requirements of your plants. The adjustable Endline Drip Heads ensure optimal irrigation of plants with varying or increasing water requirements. You can adjust the water to between 0 and 15 litres per hour. Micro-Drip-System. Caring for your plants and every precious drop. Easy, accurate, water and time-saving irrigation.