Mesh/Net Pots For Propogators

Mesh/Net Pots For Propogators

  • £1.00

Heavy Duty Round Net Pot

Net pots are typically used in deep water culture (DWC or “bubbler”) systems and certain other recirculating hydroponic systems. Our net pots are very tough and re-useable several times.

  • Tough and durable – highly resistant to splitting and cracking
  • Lipped for easy mounting into a flat surface or lid
  • Re-useable many times
  • Available in a range of sizes from 80mm to 200mm

How Round Net Pots work:

Our round net pots are made from tough plastic which is highly resistant to splitting and cracking. They are strong enough for many grows. Net pots are not designed to contain roots. They are made with a large amount of holes in them which allow roots to penetrate through and out into your nutrient solution. Our net pots have a lip for easy mounting into a surface such as a container lid.

Using Round Net Pots:

Round net pots are generally used in aeroponic, DWC and certain other types of recirculating hydroponic system. Usually, net pots are suspended on a surface above a reservoir containing nutrient solution. The net pot is usually filled with clay pebbles into which the plant is placed. Nutrient is then either sprayed (aeroponic system), pumped over (recirculating system) or “bubbled” (DWC) onto the clay pebbles and the area below the net pot where the roots will grow. This allows the amount of root-mass to far exceed that which is possible in a container-type pot. More root-mass allows bigger plants and potential for much bigger harvests.