Maxiswitch Classic 10A 2 Way Relay RT

Maxiswitch Classic 10A 2 Way Relay RT

  • £26.00

Quality IMO relay switching for lower amperage applications

Heavy duty GE contactor switching, ensuring long service life and reliable high amperage switching for high amperage applications

Professional Grasslin panel mount timers that ensure accurate timekeeping and switching in fifteen-minute segments. These timers are easy to program and can be set up in seconds

2-year guarantee


10A (2kW) of relay switching

requires two plug sockets

On/off operation

Grasslin Segmental Timer 24 Hour

Grasslin Segmental Timer

A reliable timer with 15-minute segments to set your lighting or feeding times as necessary

Always remember to use a contractor if running HID lights or your timer will burn out and bring problems to your grow room!