Systemair RVK Extractor Fans

Systemair RVK Extractor Fans

  • £74.38

Climate control can be easy and affordable – the German made RVK Systemair Extractor Fans see to that. They’re robust, powerful and quiet, yet extremely low cost. You’ll connect and install them in no time at all. It’s no wonder they’re our bestselling fan! Believe us, they will not let you down.

They’ve been tried and tested time and time again – they’re virtually indestructible with air tight casing! Yours will safely run for 24 hours a day without stopping You won’t find a fan this good for such a low cost anywhere else. It’s an absolute must for entry level growers! Experienced growers still swear by them.

Designed to run 24/7 Easily connects to carbon filters and silencers It’s a bestseller! Systemair – a trusted brand Quiet with low vibration Maintenance-free and highly reliable Ideal as extractor fan and intake fan Speed-controllable Integral thermal contacts Flexible! Can be installed in any position Mounting bracket included

Please note power lead not included click here the lead