Insecto Smoke Fumer Generator

  • £4.99

Insecto Smoke Fumer Generator

Insecto Smoke Fumer Generator is a simple and alternative to spray insecticide for dealing with flying and crawling insect infestations. It works as a one dosage fumigating aid to steralize your grow room.

  • Very strong, highly effective solution
  • Clears all common insects (including spider mites, aphids and flea) so perfect for fumigating between crop cycles as a preventative measure
  • Works quickly and effectively to minimise insect infestations
  • Each smoke fumer size treats different sized area


  • Insecto Smoke Fumer Generators require you to evacuate your growing area as the fumes are toxic.
  • Always wear suitable PPE.
  • Shake bottle before use.

How to Use

Evacuate the area of everything from your grow room (yourself, animals including pets and fish) and ensuring all windows are closed and the room is as fume-tight as possible. Turn off all intake and extraction fans. Place the Insecto Smoke Fumer Generator in the centre of your grow room. Place the container on a heatproof surface. Remove the lid of the container and light the fuse. Exit the room immeditately and ensure that doors are securely shut, and leave up for 24 hours.

It is recommended you fumigate your grow room and leave it overnight, then ventilate the room before using again.