Hydroflow Auto Top-Up Kit

Hydroflow Auto Top-Up Kit

  • £20.00

Growers can leave their plants for longer and keep them fed with Hydroflow. Designed to automatically top up nutrient levels in a reservoir direct from a header tank, with no dry tanks or leaks!


- Maintain water levels on multiple systems

- Automatically tops-up and maintains nutrient levels in your reservoirs from a header tank

- Leave plants for longer and keep them fed

- Reduces growers’ labour of regular tank filling and inspection – no need to hand water

Can be attached to the following systems:

Gro-Tank, Oxypot, Wilma, Ebb & Flood, Flo-Gro, Multi-Duct

Hydroflow Auto Top-Up Kit contains:

1x Hydroflow Float Valve

1x Water Butt connector with mesh filter

1x Rubber Ring

1x 6mm Take Off

1x 1.8m (6ft) Supply Tube