Hy-Pro Rootstimulator Terra

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Hy-Pro Root stimulator


Hy-Pro Root stimulator is a powerful stimulator of plant roots for better plant growth and overall performance. It stimulates new root development, increases resistance against diseases and delivers nutrients which benefit all developing plants. Besides stimulating root growth on plants that are already rooted, Hy-pro root stimulator also stimulates new root growth on cuttings and transplants. The various nutrients, trace elements, beneficial bacteria and vitamins stimulate the production of hormones and sugars which in turn stimulate root growth. Hy-pro root stimulator is not suitable only for young plants or cuttings – it is also an ideal product for stressed and diseased crops. When you make it a priority to build and maintain strong, healthy roots, your efforts will pay off later in the form of a big, healthy harvest.


HY-PRO Root stimulator replenishes and helps maintain healthy substrates

Healthy plants need healthy roots and healthy roots need a healthy substrate to grow in. When plants are growing in your substrate of choice, this growth is directly responsible for a reduction of nutrients in your substrate. Replenishing these nutrients regularly is one of the vital keys to any horticultural success. Hy-pro Root Stimulators are designed to enhance a plant’s rhizosphere. What’s a rhizosphere you ask? Well, it’s that boundary layer where a plant’s root system interacts with the surrounding substrate. And it’s loaded with important microbes that assist the uptake of organic compounds and nutrients. Keep this area in balance by replenishing the nutrients used and you’ll experience improved plant vigor, accelerated growth and massive yields… naturally!


Hy-Pro Rootstimulator supports growing healthier crops and happier plants

Roots are your plants’ lifeline in many ways. In any grow setup, they’re how the plant takes nutrients into its stalk, stems and leaves. These nutrients are the building blocks of life. Without them, a plant cannot produce chlorophyll, grow or develop its flowers. Picture your plants’ roots as straws the plant uses to suck up nutrients from their rhizosphere. Nutrients, like phosphorus and potassium, ensure crop development through the grow cycle. Thicker roots can suck up more nutrients at once, while longer roots increase the plant’s rhizosphere to make even better use of all the nutrients that are present in its soil or hydro solution.

However, roots are more than just nutrient straws. They also condition the plant’s rhizosphere by secreting compounds that interact with the microorganisms present in the environment and antibiotics that kill nematodes and parasites that can destroy roots. The secretions make microorganisms more effective at their jobs, which include protecting the plant from disease and creating space for new roots to develop. This ultimately strengthens the plant by increasing its capacity to take up nutrients.

Hy-Pro Root stimulators not only support rapid growth of new roots – they are also widely used to cure unhealthy plants from disease, shock and stress. Finding a quality root stimulator can make a huge difference.


Hy-pro Root Stimulator creates new and healthy root development in all plants

Recognizing healthy plant roots is not much different – than recognizing healthy plants. Healthy root zones are densely clustered, but you should be able to see every individual root strand. Healthy roots are thick and feel robust between your fingers, not wimpy. Healthy plant roots are light in color, either white or a light shade of tan. Brown or black roots on plants are a clear sign that your crops are suffering from root rot. Although the nutrients and other products you use can stain your roots to a slightly darker hue than the healthy white you strive to achieve, they should never be dark brown or black.

The thought of your precious plants suffering from root rot can be upsetting, but if you find yourself in this unfortunate position, all hope isn’t lost. You can reverse root rot and not just restore your crops’ roots to their former healthy selves, but build them to be stronger than they were before. The key to repairing roots and sustaining healthy growth is using a plant root stimulator that delivers an army of beneficial bacteria, nutrients and reinforcements to your root zone.

Hy-Pro Fertilizers has developed specialized root stimulators for a wide variety of soil, hydroponic and cocopeat substrates.