Grow Gadgets Plug in Ozone Generator

Grow Gadgets Plug in Ozone Generator

  • £35.00


The Grow Gadgets Plug in generator is a highly effective, easy to use ozone air purifier which uses electrically charged plates to produce ozone from atmospheric oxygen in order to eliminate smells and air pollutants.

Ozone’s chemical composition O3 – Three oxygen atoms together. In this form O3 is unstable and it will react with substances to shed the third atom to return to the stable atmospheric oxygen; O2. This oxidises any odour, bacteria or virus that comes into contact with the ozone, killing it dead.

The Ozone permeates throughout your entire growing environment, reaching hard to get to areas such as ductwork, fixtures, carpets and walls sterilizing and removing smells as it travels.

Voltage Rating: 110V AC to 240V AC
Frequency: 50/60 hz
Power: 7W
Size: 104mm x 95mm x 83mm
Ozone Output: 10 - 50mg per hour
Ambient Noise: 26db - 34db
Coverage: Up to 30m3

How to use:

Just plug the ozone generator into a standard UK plug socket and the gadget will start producing.

We recommend turning this off before spending long periods of time inside your grow room, the ozone can have effects on health if exposure is extended.

You will still require a Carbon filter, an ozone generator is just an extra layer of protection from smell.