GrowDirector Environmental base kit

GrowDirector Environmental base kit

  • £975.87

This Product Includes:
(1) GrowDirector
(1) 10” Touchscreen Interface 
(1) 10 Build-in Relays 
(1) Power Box (2m (6.5ft) Cable) with 4 universal outlets that can be controlled separately 
(1) GDA Software
(1) Air Humidity Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable) 
(1) Air Temperature Sensor (2m 6.5ft Cable) 
Software Updates
As a GrowDirector owner, you are eligible to receive life-long software updates to improve your user experience. We are always offering changes to make our systems better and they are completely free!
All GrowDirector products include a 1-year limited warranty.

The newest tech in growth automation is here!
GrowDirector comes equipped with a complete kit that is ready for you to improve your grow in no time. Integrated with easy to use Lego-like plugins, GrowDirector is ready to use straight out of the box. Simply plug it in and release the true potential of your plants! Your chance to become a worry-free grower for even the most sensitive plants has officially arrived! All you have to do is let know GrowDirector your desired environment and schedule, and GrowDirector will do the rest. GrowDirector makes it easy to prevent and automatically fix mistakes, offers real-time alerts that allow you to act fast when it comes to the health of your plants.

Kit includes the following features:
10 build-in relays that let you control numerous equipment by connecting. The way it works is as follows. Each device’s relay is controlling the external relay, which supplies electricity to equipment, for example, 4 lamps 4*600w=2.4Kw, etc., This way our device can control unlimited electrical chain equipment. Connect 4 lamps to 1 external relay (in your electrical box) control that external relay by our build-in relay. (now you have 9 more relays left for any other use) Socket box provides you with an additional 4 universal outlets. Each outlet can be controlled individually. Up to 2 socket boxes can be connected which gives you 8 universal outlets to operate your grow.

Environmental Base Kit
Our Environmental Base Kit and GDA software are designed to give growers complete control over their plants from a distance. With GrowDirector, you can monitor your plants in real-time, allowing you to make quick decisions and guarantee plant health. The system is able to monitor plants as they grow and provides you with important details that can impact the overall health of your plants. It offers a beautifully designed 10.1” color touchscreen that is easy to work with and connects to Wi-Fi. All information regarding plant health is presented on the screen and can be accessed using our state-of-the-art mobile app or desktop from anywhere! You can even automate your plant care routine and make changes on the go. GrowDirector will keep you informed and is happy to manage your plants for you when you aren’t around. The Environmental Base Kit was designed for dedicated growers who want to feel more comfortable when it comes to leaving their plants alone or just make your work easier. With real-time updates and easy controls, you can stop worrying about how your plants are doing and let GrowDirector take control. All you have to do is tell GrowDirector your desired environment and schedule, then watch as GrowDirector takes complete control over your plant’s environment. The system makes it easy to prevent mistakes and is designed to send push notifications in the event that something goes wrong. With the app, you can easily make changes to the environment manually, or even ask GrowDirector to make decisions for you!

GrowDirector Can:
Send Real-Time Alerts
Automatically Keep The Best Environment For Your Plants
Manage Up To 9 Different Sensors
Manage Up To 10 Different Zones
Unlimited Data Logging and Analysis
Automate Plant Care
Monitor and Control Temperature, Humidity, VPD
Monitor and Control CO2, Soil Moisture, Light, pH, EC, and Water Temperature (bought separately)