Grove Bags

Grove Bags

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Industry-Leading Smell-Proof Bags with Grove Bags — Elevate Your Harvest

Grove Bags have redefined the art of preserving your harvest, delivering unmatched odour control, weight retention, mould prevention, and terpene preservation. No matter your operation's size, these bags feature patented TerpLoc® technology, maintaining the perfect humidity levels and ensuring optimal freshness.

 Mastering the Power of TerpLoc® Technology:
Grove Bags stand as the industry's ultimate odour control solution, amplifying the distinct flavours and aromas of your yield. Tailored to complement the unique characteristics of commonly grown plants, these bags simplify the curing process.

A Curing Revolution:
Curing, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in indoor cultivation. When executed correctly, it breaks down chlorophyll and accentuates flavours and fragrances, elevating your final product. TerpLoc® technology streamlines curing, maintaining the perfect humidity level—between 58% and 62%, the ideal range.

A Multilayered Approach:
Grove Bags seamlessly integrate active humidity control, antimicrobial properties, and minimal oxygen transfer rates. This trifecta preserves your yield's integrity while fending off mould growth. Mould can swiftly spread through your entire harvest if unchecked. Grove Bags empower you to cure with confidence.

Precision Humidity Control:
High humidity levels aren't the only challenge; low humidity can also be problematic. Excessively dry plant material can lead to weight loss, impacting your yield. With Grove Bags, humidity control becomes effortless, maintaining the perfect balance.

Seal the Deal with Heat:
For precision enthusiasts, Grove Bags can be heat-sealed, offering an additional 2% performance boost. Whether you prefer this method or not, Grove Bags deliver top-tier results, consistently.

Simple to Use, Exceptional Results:
Using Grove Bags is a breeze. Place your plant materials inside the bag and seal it up. No need to create a vacuum by squeezing out the air—leave about 25% of the bag's space empty for optimal performance.

Experience the Grove Bags Difference:
Unleash the industry-leading odour control and preservation power of Grove Bags. Elevate your harvest, one bag at a time.