Conical Plant Supports

Conical Plant Supports

  • £8.99

Conical Plant Support 76cm x 35cm

Train your plants to grow vertically by retaining them within a Conical Plant Support. The durable, easy to use. Its green finish effortlessly blends in with the outdoor scenery. To begin the plant training process, simply push the sturdy legs of the peony cage into the ground and allow your plants to do their own thing. The ring connecting side poles help to keep long-stemmed plants inside the support structure. The stackable plant support encourages nature to work its magic, whilst giving you control of the end result.

Our Conical Plant Support flaunts shapely vase-like dimensions that provide a secure base, and plenty of space for plants to grow and flourish into a natural form. The peony cage is ideal for coaxing stems to grow straight up, If you are tired of your garden looking messy, the support keeps long-stemmed plants looking their tidy best. As your plants grow, they will latch and attach to the sides of the cage enabling them to grow upwards. In sunny garden spots, the Conical Plant Support trains plants to grow upright and to stand to attention, no matter which direction the sun is facing.

The plant support also offers a great solution for giving delicate plants maximum support, whether they are planted in a flowerbed, a border or in an independent container. The solid and supportive triple rings are situated at different heights to support plants through the various stages of their natural growth. Although the adaptable Conical Plant Support is perfect for flowering plants, it is also suitable for providing growth assistance to home grown produce.