Coke Can Airstone (70Ltr)

Coke Can Airstone (70Ltr)

  • £4.95

Got a big tank? Oxygenate your roots & boost nutrient uptake with a Coke Can Air Stone - they’re incredible!

You’ll get an excellent spread of big and small bubbles, thanks to the unique barrel design.

You can safely use it with all the air pumps we sell. For maximum aeration, use them at air flows of 5 – 10 litres per minute 

Suspend it in your reservoir or bucket and you’ll prevent rattling sounds. What a bargain at just £4.95! It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Unique barrel design – excellent level of bubbles
Fantastic bubble distribution
• Extremely good value, well-made and super effective
• Suits all of our air pumps
• Best at air output levels of 5 - 10 Litres per minute
• 50mm (2 inches) in size
• Can be suspend water – no rattling!
• Popular choice

We recommend

If your nutrient solution gets too hot, your dissolved oxygen content will be lower. For best results, keep your nutrient solution between 18oC - 20oC. A heater, chiller and thermometer will help you control your temperature.