Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

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Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power is a potent Silica additive. Silica helps to strengthen every cell wall in the plant. As a result your plants will become more resilient and less susceptible to damage from pests and the onset of disease, e.g. powdery mildew. The more robust cells, facilitate stronger branches and stems, which can support heavier flowers and fruits.

Unlinke regular silicone-based products, Solar Green Power is not made from potassium silicate as this tends to have a very high pH level. This makes their application in a pH. neutral (or lower) solution quite tricky. As well as this pH issue, the abundance of potassium added here can cause issues with the antagonism of some elements, particularly calcium.

How it works

Silcic Acid is naturally not a very stable substance. However after many years of development, Buddhas Tree have created a stable product that is completely active, all of the time. The wealth of available silicone ensures your plants fortify every cell that is created during every stage of growth. This stronger growth makes it very difficult for pathogenic fungi to penetrate the cell membranes and infect your plants.

After the application of silicone, the entire structure of each leaf is optimised, and an optimal surface area of the leaf becomes exposed to light. Therefore, the peak amount of photosynthesis is achieved from each leaf that your plant produces. Extensive testing by Buddhas Tree also shows that leaves produce more Chlorophyll in an environment rich in silicone. Photosynthesis is responsible for producing energy for the plant, therefore the more photosynthesis that is occurring, the greater yield you will have when it comes to the final harvest.