Odour Neutralising Agent BUBBLEGUM BOOM Spray

Odour Neutralising Agent BUBBLEGUM BOOM Spray

  • £9.99

O.N.A Bubblegum Boom - Air Freshener Spray - 750ml


Monster sized Bubblegum Boom! A powerful airfreshener which destroys bad odour by covering it with a great smelling bubblegum flavour. It's incredibly effective, only a small spray covers a large space and the smell stays present for a long time.

A powerful monster sized air freshener Effectively combats odour by masking with a great smell One small spray fills a large space with a long lasting great odour

Bubblegum Boom Contains: A 750ml canister of Bubblegum Boom

How Bubblegum Boom Works: Bubblegum Boom works by masking unwanted odours with a strong, pleasant bubblegum scent, a small spray of the powerul canister quickly fills the surrounding area and stays present in the air for long periods.

Using Bubblegum Boom: Remove the top cap, direct the nozzle it into the centre of your room or space and apply downward pressure to the top of the nozzle with your finger.

Always direct spray away from the face. Avoid spraying onto people and pets. Bubblegum Boom is flammable and it should never be directed onto or near flames or incandescent material.