Boost Buddy CO2 Bag

Boost Buddy CO2 Bag

  • £25.00

Boost Buddy - Co2 Boost

The Boost Buddy is a Safe, Organic Way to Add Co2 to Small Indoor Growing Environments

The industry leader in all-natural renewable Co2, Proudly presents the-boost buddy is a safe, organic way to add Co2 to small indoor growing environments.


The boost buddy is suitable for growing environments 4' x 4' or smaller & is usable during all stages of growth-from vegetative to fruiting.


The boost buddy constantly produces Co2. It requires no daily maintenance, nor electricity & it produces no heat.


For areas larger than 4' x 4', the boost buddy is to be used as an accessory only to your all-natural, organic Co2 generator,Co2Boost. The boost buddy serves only as a compliment to Co2Boost & does not create or distribute enough Co2 to cover a garden of any larger size