Biobizz. Leaf Coat Spray Bottle 500ml

Biobizz. Leaf Coat Spray Bottle 500ml

  • £9.99

BioBizz Leaf Coat is an all-organic foliar spray made from natural latex. It was primarily designed to limit evaporation. However, Leaf Coat will also help strengthen your plants and increase their resistance to pests and moulds - Insects really can’t stand the stuff.

Leaf Coat comes ready-to-use in a spray bottle and takes effect a few hours after application. It works by forming a very thin elastic layer (about 1.5 microns) around the leaves of your plants. This natural latex layer protects your plants without making leaves lose their permeability, so that all-important air and light can still make its way through.

In hot and humid growing environments (around 28 degrees Celsius and higher), Leaf Coat’s protective layer will stop your plants from sweating and losing water. In cooler environments, the added protective layer will help shield your plants from the cold. Because of this, Leaf Coat can be great at reducing stress when transplanting plants between environments with different temperature and humidity levels.

Leaf coat can be used throughout the whole growth cycle and degrades naturally roughly two weeks after application, leaving no nasty residues or harmful products on your plants. It is a great, natural, eco-friendly alternative to pesticides and insecticides.

Our Opinion

We’ve tested Leaf Coat and it does what it says it will do. Although not a cure for pests or insects, it offers up a protective layer and combined with other benefits, such as limiting evaporation and reducing the stress of temperature fluctuation, we’d say Leaf Coat is an affordable ally, especially for organic gardeners.