Autopot PotDivider

  • £8.00

Could your AutoPot Watering System be any more versatile or capacious? Crazy we know, we had to virtually spit the words out – it hardly seems plausible! But we may just have hit on a way to multiply your joy without increasing system size and without a sizeable outlay. Lend us your undivided attention, for PotDivider. 

Divisible benefits of this innovative insert are clear. Suddenly each of your pots is capable of holding four plants in segregated sections. Excellent for tight-leaved varieties and for herbs, the PotDivider is tailor-made for our 8.5 L / 2.2 gal pots. It will also fit our 15 L / 3.9 gal pots. Both those pot sizes are compatible with our 1Pot, easy2grow, and Auto8 modules – meaning the potential number of applications is immense.