Atami Bloombastic

Atami Bloombastic

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Atami Bloombastic - 325ml

Need a blooming miracle? This award-winning additive produces brighter, sweeter fruits and flowers and stimulates essential oil production. Bloombastic also activates an enzyme process that makes plants more resilient to intense heat, light, and low humidity. 

Sweetens fruits and flowers

Bloombastic increases the sugar content of plants. For your garden, it means a greater source of energy and huge leaps in growth. For growers, it means a delicious scent and taste!

Because of this, it’s a great additive for fruits, vegetables, and herbs such as chilli peppers, strawberries, and blueberries. It can also be used for ornamental plants such as orchids. 

Stimulates plant defences

Thanks to its “cocktail” of high-quality bio-minerals and bio-stimulants, this nutrient solution kickstarts plant defences.

Bloombastic acts as an enzymatic catalyst in various areas, reducing stress and enhancing plants’ ability to recover. Difficult conditions (such as overlighting, translocating, and adverse weather) are less likely to affect a plant, and Bloombastic helps them to bounce back from damage. 

Phenomenal PK booster

The power of Bloombastic is not to be underestimated! It’s the recent International winner of the Best Fertiliser Award.

It contains over 50% more phosphorus and potassium than other liquid flowering products on the market. These primary nutrients are crucial for any stage of growth, but they have a particularly drastic impact on flowering.

In flowering and fruiting plants, they accelerate maturity and regulate growth for high-quality, fully-formed produce. 

How to use Atami Bloombastic?

Bloombastic is designed for explosive results later in the blooming stage. Dilute 0.5 - 1ml of concentrated nutrient solution per 1L of water and mix thoroughly. Apply throughout the final 4-6 weeks of flowering before flush (approximately weeks 6-9 in a 10-week growth cycle). 

Do not use Atami Bloombastic alongside any other PK additives as this is likely to lead to overfeeding. However, it may be paired with non-PK flowering boosters such as Atami B’Cuzz Bloom Stimulator for even more impressive growth. 

As with any nutrient, never mix undiluted solutions: always dilute and mix thoroughly before adding another product. 

Please note that this nutrient solution increases the EC of your basic nutrient solution. Ensure that you pay attention to your EC after use and adjust should it move out of the ideal range. 

Where to use Atami Bloombastic?

Bloombastic is highly versatile and is suitable for use in soil, hydro, and coco coir. It is safe in all irrigation and/or watering systems. 

When to use Atami Bloombastic?

Use during the final 4-6 weeks of flowering.

Why choose Atami Bloombastic?

  • International award winner of the Best Fertiliser Award;

  • Powerful flowering booster;

  • Increases sugar content of fruits, vegetables, and herbs;

  • Stimulates plant metabolism for larger, more vibrant fruits and flowers;

  • Fortifies plants against difficult conditions;

  • Highly concentrated formula;

  • Free from sodium and chlorine;

  • Contains over 50% more phosphorus and potassium than other liquid flowering products on the market;

  • Suitable for soil, coco, and hydro. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Atami

  • Capacity: 325ml

  • NPK Ratio: 0 - 14 - 15