Atami Kilomix

Atami Kilomix

  • £14.00

Ata Organics Kilomix is (much) more heavily fertilized in comparison with the ATA Janeco mix. Ata Organics Kilomix therefore is a heavenly substrate for any plant, as it contains a wealth of important fertilisers. Among others, worm manure, lime, guano and many other organic fertilisers form important ingredients of this substrate.

Ata Organics Kilomix therefore contains everything the plants need and the chance of shortages is almost nil. Because the right proportions of the fertilisers have been determined in a professional manner, there is a constant supply of important nutrients over a longer period. It is a true pleasure for each plant to be able to develop on such a rich underground!

Transplant into Atami Kilo Mix after 2 - 3 weeks of growth and only give additional fertiliser if required. Not suitable for seeds or cuttings.