Atami 50L High Porosity Cocos (EU)

Atami 50L High Porosity Cocos (EU)

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High Porosity Cocos

    The availability of air is vital for your crops’ root development. Roots need to breathe, as an airy substrate results in the production of more root hairs. The oxygen is required to process sugars into energy. Using this energy, the roots can expand and actively supply more nutrients to the rest of your crop.

    This is why it is essential that a substrate offers a high air percentage. Any airy substrate provides proper drainage and a continuous air supply.

    Therefore, Atami has launched High Porosity Cocos, a substrate that offers the advantages of growing on the high-quality aged, washed, buffered and adeptly fertilized cocos of Atami, with the added benefit of the airiness of perlite. Please increase your watering to match the increased drainage of High Porosity Cocos.

    High Porosity Cocos has the RHP certification, which guarantees the substrate’s quality and ensures the reliability of properties.