Aqualine Ph Stick

Aqualine Ph Stick

  • £65.00

The Aqualine Ph Stick Measures the pH of your garden with ease. This Aqualine stick provides results in seconds and is small enough to keep on hand.

It's important to know the conditions your plants are growing in; there's no use in all the effort if the soil is harmful. Fertiliser that is too acidic may be prone to nutrient leaching, leading to wilting and yellow spots. Overly alkaline soil reduces its solubility, and plants may have stunted growth or iron deficiencies as a result.

Know your garden

Knowing the pH of the soil you grow in can really help you to better understand how to optimise it. Certain plants thrive in acidity or alkalinity, and some need neutral ground to survive. Once you know your soil's pH, you'll be able to choose plants that will best suit the environment or - where possible - make adjustments to your soil according to the plants you grow.

High quality without the cost

The stick is durable and trustworthy but is very affordable compared to some electric meters. This means it's a smart choice both for those just starting out and for more experienced growers.

How to use Aqualine pH Stick?

Submerge the bottom end of the electrode (the end without the carrying strap) into your fertiliser sample. Ensure the end is fully and evenly covered to the dotted line and leave until a stable reading appears. The reading will light up at the appropriate number on the stick to indicate the result of the pH test.

Wipe clean and keep dry when not in use.