PLANT!T Aeros System

PLANT!T Aeros System

  • £29.95

PLANT!T offers a range of products for your indoor and outdoor growing needs. New from PLANT!T is a range of hydroponic growing systems designed to help you gain optimum results and success. The PLANT!T range of hydroponic systems comprises of the PLANT!T gemini – a recirculating hydroponic system (a 1 plant system), the PLANT!T aeros – an aerated Deep Water Culture hydroponic system (available in 1 plant or 2 plant options and in a 4 plant recirculating option), the PLANT!T titan, a table-based flood & drain hydroponic system (available in 4 sizes) and the PLANT!T atlas, a table-based recirculating drip irrigation system (available in 12L pot, 18L pot and dripper only options).

All PLANT!T hydroponic systems have been designed to the highest specifications to ensure that not only do they perform with excellent results, they look stylish too. The range is easy to set up, operate and maintain. PLANT!T hydroponic systems are suitable for all types of gardener, including commercial growers, keen hobbyists and even those new to gardening.

All of the PLANT!T hydroponic systems are designed and manufactured for quick and easy assembly. With PLANT!T hydroponic systems, growing bigger and better plants has never been so easy.