Pro Star CFL Bulbs

  • £42.00

The new energy-saving PRO STAR compact fluorescent lamps, developed by Advanced Star, represent a major step forward in the field of horticultural lamps.

Unlike mercury vapour or high pressure sodium vapour lamps, the spectrum of the PRO STAR Dual Spectrum bulb fully matches the photosynthesis spectrum (100% PAR). With performance like this, PRO STAR Dual Spectrum 250W bulbs are perfect for growing plants!

Emitting cold blue light (Blue 6400°K) and warm red light (Red 2100°K) at the same time to encourage growth, the PRO STAR Vegetative Growth bulb can be placed in the immediate vicinity of the plant. Not only does the minimal heat released by the lamp avoid the risk of altering your crops, but the plant also benefits from photosynthesis in good conditions.

The PRO STAR CFL has a built-in ballast and connects directly to the mains to offer up to 15,000 hours of effective illumination. All the electricity used is transformed into light, rather than heat as is the case with HPS and MH lamps.