• £14.00

An essential device for monitoring temperature and humidity levels, with large LCD display

It's always handy to have a device that displays the temperature and humidty levels in your growing area as both have immense effects on overall plant growth, health and vigor. The Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer will display, monitor and record your minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels.

  • Helps you to maintain optimal environment conditions
  • Displays and records temperatures between -10c to 50c and humidity levels at 25% to 98%
  • Reset at the touch of a button
  • Built-in stand or wall mountable
  • 24 hour clock feature
  • Large LCD display
  • Alarm funtion
  • AAA battery included


1 x Digital Thermometer / Hydrometer, 1 x AAA battery, 1 x Instruction guide

How it Works:

Measures both temperature and humidty levels in real time and records your average levels so you can see the changes in both when your not around. Works equally well in large or small spaces and is handy to keep positioned close by on young tender seedlings or cuttings when both temperature and humidity fluctuations are to be avoided.

How to use:

Insert the included battery and then place in the area you'd like to measure. The device will take a little time to adjust to its new surroundings. After a short while the digital display will show your current temperature and humdity levels and begin recording both. See instruction leaflet to set alarm and clock formats.