Sunblaster T5 Lamp & NanoTech Reflector

  • £25.00

The Sunblaster T5 is a bright, cost effective propagation grow lamp that has a high output and cool running with a life expectancy of around 10,000 hours.

Specifically designed for overhead use during propagation, the Sunblaster T5 lamp can also be used during vegetative growth, either on its own, or by daisy chaining up to 8 lights together for larger grow rooms. A single lamp can also be used as supplemental side lighting, alongside dedicated HPS or MH lamps, to give your plants some extra lumens.

To get the most out of the Sunblaster T5, it should be used with the stylish, yet functional, NanoTech Reflector as it will capture and reflect back down up to 99% of lost light. This also increases lumen availability and allows the light to penetrate deeper and lower into the plant foliage, resulting in healthier and stronger growth.

The Sunblaster T5, due to its cool running, can also be placed around 1-2” above the canopy and its been known, when coupled with the NanoTech Reflector, to use up to 50% less energy over standard fluorescent strip lights.

Key aspects of the Sunblaster T5 Lamp include:

  • Bright, efficient and cool running propagation lamp
  • Can be used during early veg as well as supplemental lighting
  • The ability to daisy chain up to 8 lights together
  • Increased usable light when coupled with the NanoTech reflector
  • Can be placed 1-2” away from the top of the canopy
  • 10,000 hours of lamp life expectancy