PLANT MAGIC Oldtimer Organic TRI-PACK 3 x 1ltr

PLANT MAGIC Oldtimer Organic TRI-PACK 3 x 1ltr

  • £44.99

Perfect for growers looking to go organic, the Oldtimer Tri-Pack contains everything you need to grow an organic crop packed with flavour.

A full grow with just one pack!


1L OLDTIMER GROW & BLOOM Organic base feeds for unbeatable taste and flavour. Not only do they feed flowers, they also feed the friendly organisms in soil guaranteeing strong and healthy plants!

1L OLDTIMER ORGANIC PK 4-8: All-natural PK boost specially designed to ensure natural flavours are produced when it’s time to harvest.

Why growers can trust our Oldtimer Organic range:

  • Our range is specially designed to ensure that the natural flavours in your vegetables / flowers come through when it’s time to harvest.
  • All of the products in our range are made from biodegradable and sustainable plant material.
  • Our range also helps the soil supporting your plants to hold more nutrients and water, making your crops more robust.