VTX 50 w Water Heater

VTX 50 w Water Heater

  • £19.99

Newa Therm VTX 50W Submersible WATER Heater

The Newa Therm VTX 50W is a completely submersible automatic aquarium heater.

With a sensitive thermostat and efficient heating element working together to maintain a uniformed temperature that you can set with the temperature adjustment.

The thermometer temperature indicator makes it easy to set, read and maintain the temperature in your fish tank up to 26<°>C.

A thermal shock-resistant quartz tube with mechanical protection also makes the Newa Therm heaters some of the most robust heaters out there.

The The Newa Therm VTX 50W is suitable for aquariums up to 50litres


  • Up to 26<°>C.
  • Temperature adjustment feature.
  • Waterproof double insulation.
  • Visible temperature setting.
  • Thermal shock resistant tube.
  • NEWA Protection - Mechanical protection.
  • 185mm length & 23mm diameter.