Maxibright Aluminium Flexi Ducting 5m

Maxibright Aluminium Flexi Ducting 5m

  • £15.00

Aluminium flexible ducting can be used to connect all your ventilation items together to create a sealed passage that will allow the air to travel through it in the direction of the flow of the fan, either supplying or extracting air from the room.
When installing your aluminium ducting make sure to keep your runs taught and with as little bends as possible, as too many bends will greatly reduce your flow of air. Aluminium ducting can be connected with duct tape, foil tape or for the best solid fixing we recommend you use a jubilee clip. Combi flexible ducting is manufactured using a P.V.C. Outer coating and aluminium inner layer with a high tensile steel wire helix.

Fully flexible and capable of handling high pressures and temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius, combi ducting is a great and cost effective choice for the conduction of air. Combi Ducting is completely airtight and no dust will collect in your ducting as long as you ensure it is fully extended on installation. The combination of aluminium polyester and PVC layers gives extra strength and durability compared to other types of ducting such as foil ducting. Our ducting is also very easy to install, lightweight and packed in compact boxes for easy transportation. No special tools or cutting implements are required to fit this ducting and in the event of a fire none of the materials used in the production of this ducting will release toxic gases.

Acoustic Ducting is used to reduce the noise made by ventilation fans in growrooms and industrial areas. It's made from a perforated inner core that's identical to our Standard Ducting but with lots of small holes punched in it - this is then wrapped in a layer of glass-fibre and sealed by another layer of aluminium foil. As the air travels down the inner core the sound is let out through the holes into the glass-fibre, which deadens the sound. In practice it reduces the noise of a fan by around 60%-80%, and is almost always used with fans of 150mm and above although all sizes of fans benefit from it's use.