Garden HighPro Protube Cool Tube

  • £42.00

Using the Protube reflector reduces the distance between the horticultural bulb and the vegetable canopy and makes it easier to manage the climate issue inside the garden greenhouses.

This tubular reflector has heat resistant flanges of 150 mm diameter designed for inlet and outlet connection with an air intake and extraction fan. On the 2 sleeves are moulded PVC rings useful for the suspension of the Protube.

Inside it there is a small hammered aluminium reflector and for more light diffusion, will be added to the sides of the Protube 2 reflector flights. This will remain easy to position thanks to wide PVC nuts.

This cooltube will be used with MH, HPS or Dual Spectrum 600 and 1000W lamps that will need to be powered by a Class1, Class2 or electronic magnetic ballast of the same power.


The electrical wiring not included will be done at the back of the E40 socket in a small secure box.   Click here for lead