CX Hydro Base A+B

CX Hydro Base A+B

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    Hydro BASE nutrient is formulated for all types of hydroponic systems and used with CX Horticulture nutrient additives during the vegetative and flowering period. Hydro Base Hot Mix Technology balances nutrients with plant uptake Hydro Base Nutrient ratios derived from plant tissue analysis Hydro Base Simple to use, straight through formula Hydro Base Full availability of trace elements

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    Hydro A&B is your all-in-one base nutrient that delivers powerful results. This A&B formula has proved very popular among commercial growers wordlwide for the last 20 years, and it can be used in any type of media, including hydroponic and soil. CX Horticulture – Technologically advanced products that really work! High performance nutrient feed Crafted using actual plant tissue analysis Hot Mix Technology balances nutrients with plant uptake Fully available trace elements Super simple and easy to use