Azos 2oz - Beneficial Microbes, Root & Veg Booster

Azos 2oz - Beneficial Microbes, Root & Veg Booster

  • £18.99

Azos 2oz is a root booster & vegetative growth stimulant containing beneficial microbes. These beneficial microbes work by catalysing the release of a natural hormone called IAA (Idole-3 Acetic Acid) in plants. This naturally-released hormone increases root development and increases the yields in your grow area. The beneficial microbes (Azospirillum Brasilense XOH) within Azos are Nitrogen-fixing bacteria that drive chlorophyll production in foliage to keep plants green and growing efficiently.

These particular microbes were first isolated within the Amazon Rain forest. They enhance growth by changing atmospheric nitrogen into a useable form available to plant roots. Azos has been used to help break 7 World-Records for plant growth, including a 2,000 lb. Pumpkin and can prevent transplant shock, resist diseases, and can even increase drought tolerance.

With this added “FREE” source of nitrogen it allows your plants to consume up to 70% of their nitrogen needs straight from the atmosphere, encouraging the natural production of IAA.

Azos will live for the life of your plant whilst fixating nitrogen, increasing root structure and allowing plants to thrive in even poor soils. Combine Azos 6oz with Mykos for Xtreme Gardening results.