Atami  20L Wilma Cocolite 11

Atami 20L Wilma Cocolite 11

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s supplied with fertilizers and minerals as standard. In this way the young plants can have important fertilizers from the planting. The combination of coconut and perlite in Cocolite-11 ensures a good moisture balance and airiness of the substrate. Coconut has an ideal structure for this, so that water with added fertilizers is easily retained and so quickly absorbed by the roots of the plant. Due to the addition of perlite, the coconut substrate remains fairly airy, giving the roots a lot of oxygen. The plants thus get a healthy and strong root system and therefore develop optimally. One of the major advantages of growing on coconut is that the coconut fibers guarantee a pure substrate and that ensures excellent cultivation results. The chance of over-fertilization is therefore small. To ensure that the culture medium remains in good condition and to prevent nutrient salts from accumulating in the substrate over time, Wilma's Lawn & Garden recommends irrigating the plants with some regular water with some regularity. At a certain point the food has run out. It is therefore advisable to supplement all types of substrate with one of our Wilma's Lawn & Garden plant feeds.